About us

About us

Castlot is developed by Topnotch Media Ltd., a game development company having several development teams with great enthusiasm on MMORPG games and seasoned programming techniques.

1. Castlot Team

We own a team of 20 members focus on Castlot, which include 3 game designers, 8 programmers, 4 artists and 5 translators. Over half members once worked for mature web games. Their rich experiences and techniques ensure the game of better development.

2. Platforms

Now Castlot is presented on the following platforms: Clapalong (has launched 12 servers), Kongregate and Facebook.

3. Localization

Till now Castlot has already been translated into 12 languages: English, German, Japanese, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Romanian, Arabic and Russian.

4. Registered Users

There are more than 300 thousand registered users (users on Facebook and Kongregate are not included) are enjoying the game, and this number is still increasing with an estimated monthly growth.

5. Outsource

The background music and all sound effects are created by a British composer, Vince Webb.

6. What are we doing now?

The Castlot team is working on improving the game, adding more features and content to make it more enjoyable for more players. We update the game at least once a month. Every update present new features and content while fixing bugs.

And there are 2 more games are under development in our company, Topnotch Media.

7. Key Contacts

Customer Service:support@ideachannel.info

Partnership Opportunity: partner@ideachannel.info

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